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Woman breaks into home, then cleans it!

Posted on: February 21st, 2013 by Editor

Talk about invasive marketing. A woman in Ohio allegedly broke into a home, tidied up a bit, then left a bill for $75 written on a napkin with her phone number, reports the Chronicle-Telegram of Elyria, Ohio. Police say Susan …]
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Cleaning lady steals train and crashes into house.

Posted on: February 19th, 2013 by Editor

For reasons unknown, a cleaning lady in Sweden allegedly stole a train around 3am morning and promptly crashed it into a home in an upscale Stockholm suburb. The twenty something woman managed to board and start the unoccupied train at …]
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“Breaking Dawn” The cleaners story

Posted on: February 1st, 2013 by Editor

As many of us are tucked up snugly in our warm beds, spare a thought for the army of cleaners working in the dark dreary winter mornings,well before dawn breaks. Working tirelessly to keep our cities and work environments clean, …]
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