IT Cleaning, Belfast & Dublin

Your business and your staff need a hygienic and healthy work environment. The build-up of grime and germs in the workplace can undermine your operations, affect staff morale and increases absenteeism.

Computer Cleaning Service

Our computer cleaning service is available to offices, call centres, data centres, internet cafes, school computer rooms, libraries and all other buildings where PC cleaning is essential.

Regular cleaning of computers, screens (or monitors), computer keyboards etc is important. It keeps the equipment looking presentable and pleasant to use.

Cleaning a computer is also important as it helps keep components in good working order and can extend the life of your equipment.

Extend the life of your IT equipment

As IT equipment is critical to many of our clients our specialist regular PC cleaners are trained to carry out all cleaning carefully, without disrupting or jeopardising data storage or the working life of your IT equipment.

The frequency of computer and peripheral cleaning within an office environment is dependent on ambient air quality, dust and pollution levels.

Environments which are adjacent to machinery, garages, factories etc may require cleaning each week.

Equipment in call centres will need regular maintenance due to multiple staff use or “hot desking” where the risks associated with sharing keyboards and phones are greatly increased.

Contact us for more information

Contact The Cleanwell Group for a no-obligation quotation for our contract cleaning services. We will email you or, if you prefer, telephone you to arrange a free site visit. Quotes for one-off cleans can also be requested.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements on any of the following:

  • Desktop keyboard cleaning
  • LCD screen or computer monitor cleaning
  • Mouse Cleaning
  • Printer Cleaning
  • Scanner Cleaning
  • Cleaning of all PC peripherals
  • Cleaning of communications equipment
  • ATMs